A few thoughts to help you through your project

Get the Brief Right   The Project Process   Ask the Architect   Planning application charges 

Get the Brief Right 

We have outlined questions that you should ask yourself and inform your architect of, at the start of your project.

Even if you have come across this article midway through the design phase, planning process, or even construction, go through this process so that you, your architect and builder will have a better understanding of what you want out of the changes that you are making to your home, so that it can be better achieved.  

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The Project Process 

The construction process may be a mystery to most, but we have put together an outline of what is involved,  helping you to understand the sequence of events, from the design concept through construction to end use.

Find out the sequence and what is involved here 

Ask the Architect

Free Consultation 

If you are considering making alterations to your home or property, and would like some free, no obligation advice, contact us on 07956 257 413.

Alternatively we can meet you at your property to discuss the potential of altering and adapting your home for future requirements. 

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Bungalow replacement apartment scheme 

Planning Application Charges

House holder Application charges 

The Local Authority fees associated with a planning application depends on the type and scale of the project.

This post explains the fees for householder planning applications  here. 

Door Window Details

As part of our travels we have come across doors windows details that would be of interest to anyone looking to change their home 

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