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Garden sketch

1930’s semi-detached two storey extension and garden design 

Wanting to maximise the potential of this 3 bed semi detached property, we proposed a two storey extension along with an office garden to accommodate the families requirements, for a larger home.  

As this would leave a rather compact space the garden needed particular consideration, and we were fortunate to be able to discuss the project with award winning Garden Designer Patricia Fox of Aralia at Grand Designs Live 2014.  

The garden space forms the connection between the family room extension  and garden office.  Both new rooms will have vertical and horizontal glazing orientated to maximise daylight into the space, and with the main house into the internal Dining space.  Producing sketches based on the initial meeting for the garden, has intern developed the design for the extension.

Below are the sketches produced following our  initial meeting with Patricia Fox.

Watch this space for further development of the extension, graden office and the garden design


Concept design

The design could not be too complicated due to the limited space available, otherwise it would make the garden feel compact, with the aim to make the small space work for the family that used the garden to dine in each lunch time.  Initial ideas included a floating garden effect that flowed from one side to the other with linked lines - denoted by strip lighting inset into the ground. Pergolas to create shade to the lowered seating, as well as a raised seating area that floats over the water feature. 

Formulating the boundary to the garden whilst filtering southern light to the house, raised planters with pleach trees and Field Maples give shade to the southern facing glazed walls.  Three floating platforms  were proposed to accommodate the level differences from the front to the rear of this slopping site. 

Developed Sketch design 

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