SEDLESCOMBE Business Property and rear home extension


The Post Office

Village Post Office  

Sedlescombe Post office, is the only store in the village, and required to remain trading at all times during the alterations to extend the shopping facilities as well as the living accommodation above for this family run store. 

The store had received planning refusals in the past, and MAINWOOD Architects was asked to redesign the store sympathetically through a detailed feasibility study and negotiations with the Local Authority Conservation Officer regarding this Grade II listed building which forms the heart of Sedlescombe Village 

The design increased the living accommodation to the family home. This included making a separate formal entrance; increasing the quality and space to the family dwelling to meet modern family requirements; including a usable staircase to the second floor whilst maintaining the original quaint - though impractical - staircase; increasing the living space to the roof; and re-configuring the space available to be better utilised for the family.  

The shop was also extended considerably, providing separate facilities for the shop that were previously integrated into the house. Family life could carry on without the interruption of the bustle of the busy village store seeping into daily family life. The shop front and facade of the building stayed largely unchanged except for the integration of disabled access.

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Posted on August 29, 2013 .