HARBORNE Internal remodel and rear extension


North Road

Larger Home Extension

Our client downsized to a 1960s house on the outskirts of Harborne High street. Wishing to make changes for the long term future, he wanted the property to adapt to his requirements for day to day living.  

As part of the the new Permitted Development changes that came in to force May 2013, we completed a Larger Home Extension application for the proposals, to meet his needs.

CONSTRUCTION kitchen and family room 

CONSTRUCTION Kitchen layout with extension 

Changing the house to fit his lifestyle, we created an open plan living arrangement downstairs which would accommodate his requirements, including library, snug and kitchen/living accommodation. 

The layout maximises space and allows it to change as he uses this for different functions, from a large family gathering to the more intimate living arrangements one requires for day to day living. 

Initially we created several designs for him to decide which layout would be most suitable.  Seen below. 


After the layout was agreed, the Larger Homes Extension application was soon approved, with the final internal layout as below.

Reconfigured internal house layout

To the rear of the property, a large open plan layout  incorporates  Galley kitchen with island, Family / Living room and Snug, leading to the Study / Library to the front of the property.  

The open arrangement allows for the light to penetrate into the deep plan of the building, by use of roof lights in the dual pitched roof, large concertina glazed doors, angled high level glazing, roof-lights, and feature ribbon window to the Kitchen.  

The light penetration allows for the living space to have natural daylight throughout the day, and ensures that the snug does not suffer from being an internal space without immediate natural light. 

The open plan living arrangement also allows for the space to adapt to the changing requirements of the client, with all the ground level being accessible


Following a building regulation application, building work has now commenced on site, which will finish spring 2014.  

The Gallery above shows the as existing and as proposed drawings for the single storey rear extension along with a section of the proposed layout. 

Long rear street scene North Road .jpg


The building work is projected to last 3 months for the proposed single storey extension and internal remodel, which is now almost complete.  Below are pictures of the building work in progress. 


Project details 

Status: Construction 
Services: Concept Design, Full Planning Applictaion, Building Regulations
Project Type: Domestic House Extension
Area: 23sqm single storey extension 33sqm internal alterations 
Contract Value: £46,000
Planning Authority: Birmingham City Council 
Considerations: Light, Sustainability, Adaptation for accessibility and future needs 

Project Team 

Architect : MAINWOOD architects 
Structural Engineer : Synergy Building Design
Contractor : All Seasons Building

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Posted on December 14, 2013 .

Side and loft extension to 1930’s home - QUINTON


Upper Meadow Road

Renovation and extension to a once derelict 3 bedroom 1930's detached home.  The property had been left unloved for over 10 years, until our clients purchased the property with a view to extending to the side and into the loft, under Birmingham city councils Empty Home Strategy 

Birmingham City Councils Empty Home Strategy aimed to return long term empty properties back to use, and our client wished to tackle this whole building renovation to create a larger family home for their needs . 

To add the needed accommodation for the new family a side two storey curved bay extension was proposed, along with a single storey rear extension. This created a dedicated kitchen dining area, separate cloak room facilities, and a study area on the ground floor.  

The front room was retained, with the rear family room being extended with a single storey extension into the garden creating a large family living area. 

A traditional design was created to suit the clients tastes whilst maximising the space for their growing family.

An additional double bedroom was added at first floor with a larger family bathroom and En-suite, with access to a Master bedroom suite within the roof space with En-suite

Eight months after purchasing the property our clients moved in to their new family home. Birmingham City Council's Empty Home Strategy was a success.  

Construction phase 

The house was opened up to the rear of the property with concertina doors, ready to flood the new living room with light.

The first floor landing was re-configured to allow a second staircase to lead to the master bedroom on the second floor and a new entrance hall was created to make a feature of the central staircase.

The flat roof dormer to the rear allowed for a larger master bedroom suite in the roof space. 

Project details 

Status: Completed 2014
Services: Concept Design, Full Planning Applictaion, Building Regulations
Project Type: Domestic House Extension
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Planning Authority: Birmingham City Council 
Considerations: Light,  Modernising round down house, larger family living quarters

Project Team 

Architect : MAINWOOD architects 
Structural Engineer : Richard Hawthorn
Contractor : Self build

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Posted on November 23, 2013 .

Office Complex - STOKE ON TRENT


Etruria Office Village 

Whilst working at RPS Design our Principle Architect undertook the detail design and construction phase of this flexible open plan space that can be divided depending on the requirements of the companies that inhabited it.

Front Entrance

During construction 

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House remodel and two & single storey rear extension - TWICKENHAM


The Avenue  


With organic extensions to the original house over the years , this house had a very fragmented layout, and we were employed to rationalise this, to create a flow to the rooms, with more generous spaces where required.   

Existing front elevation

Proposed front elevation

Our clients didn't want an obvious extension that showed at the front of this listed property; the front needed to stay relatively untouched with the large extension and internal alterations being hidden behind the existing front facade. 

rear elevation

glazed section

rear side single elevation

cross section internal courtyard

rear section

Sketch of proposed scheme 

Proposed Rear Elevation 

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Kitchen Remodel - QUINTON


Grayswood Park Road  

Internal remodelling and environmental upgrade with proposed rear extension . 

the kitchen has been relocated to the front of this three bedroom semi-detached property, along with an under stair WC  

Posted on October 21, 2013 .

Apartment Scheme - ST LEONARDS ON SEA


Upper Church Road  

Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of block of 6 apartments.

Outline application submitted in the first instance to establish the principal followed by full planning application to secure detailed planning permission.

Detailed feasibility work at the Outline stage alongside comprehensive consultation with the local authority secured permission for the scheme on a tight site within an established residential part of St Leonards on Sea.

Coordination of both ecological and arboricultural reports by specialists at the outline stage, ensured strategies were put in place to the satisfaction of the LA.

Flats were designed to be flexible and attractive to the retirement market. 


Rear Elevation 

Rear Elevation 

Side Elevation 

Side Elevation 

201 draft.jpg

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House extension - BALHAM


House extension 

Proposed Ground floor plan

Existing Ground floor plan

In London maximising your space is imperative, and our clients wished to extend their rear single storey building to the full width of their plot. They also wished to add a much needed fourth bedroom as well as re-arrange the space to create a Master bedroom suite to the loft with an En-suite. 

Soon after they decided to complete these alterations, a new neighbour arrived and they also wished for alterations to their property in a similar manner, and it was decided to complete a joint application for the proposals. 

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan 

With completing a joint application, the party wall between the two properties was to be built on the boundary line, thus sharing a separating wall, added space to each proposal internally. 

As this was a joint application, our clients wished to do something a little different to create a design that complimented each other.

A pitched roof single storey extension was proposed to both properties with a central spine wall with hidden gutter. 

History of the Area

The site forms one of the first developments on the Hydethorpe estate. During the middle ages it formed part of a plot of 60 acres, passing to various owners it was eventually sold to Emmanuel Cambridge in circa 1589.

The area was developed in 1896 starting with Hydethorpe Road, The quality of the buildings in the planned development, with open land - such as tooting bec common, has made this a popular area to live, and therefore highly sort after. 

Hydethorpe Road

Front Street Scene 

The housing is Edwardian in style all being two stories in height and having angled double storey front bays with internal Porches.  The Frontages are just over 3m in length and are edged with short boundary walls, hedges and often both, to give height to the boundary. 

Flemish bond red brick is used to the front of all houses, aside from those painted or rendered in soft subtle colours.  A subtle grey and cream have been used on the proposed site. Stone dressing details which include centre arch with Keystone to the entrance corbels under projecting first floor stone sill, and pedestal and column detail to bay windows have all been painted white. 

All the Front Edwardian Features contribute positively to the character and appearance of the area with quality architectural detail. 

Ground Floor windows are traditional sash with a high cross bar and additional glazing bars on the upper part of the sash.  First floor windows are usually split.  These have been replaced with Aluminium windows to one of the proposed houses, but the original design shall be re-introduced with the same traditional sash as part of the alterations. 

Rear Street Scene 

The majority of the properties have now developed their loft with a flat roof dormer extension that extends the full rear half of the roof, as as a second floor extension over the rear building gable roof. This is usually built up the further extent of the firs chimney breast allowing for a set back from the second set back from the second chimney to this projecting gable , to allow the original house shape to be retained.  

In contrast to the front elevation stone dealing and Flemish bond red brick, the rear elevation has again Flemish bond but yellow buff brick, accented with the more modest yet still imposing solder over header, red brick arches to the windows and doors. 


Replacement of the aluminium windows shall be continued and the existing balcony and door will be removed to be removed to re-introduce an original style sash window.  The external balcony shall be removed and the angels proposed roof shall prevent this use. 

At second floor the roof will be extended in the same way as others along the street, only going to the extent of the first chimney to maintain the balance of the gable roofs, and to maintain the original features’ hierarchy.

The street has demonstrated a limited pallet, which our proposal shall be built from.  The loft conversion to 111 will be extended to the proposed raised parapet wall between the two properties. 109 will extend the loft space in the same manner, and shall utilise slate tile hanging to maintain the limited palette of materials that have been used on the properties.

The existing rear ground floor extension on 111 Hydethorpe Road will be extended to the left to meet the new party wall between the two properties. The proposed extension will be in the same line of the existing extension, and therefore will not materially alter the aspect and outlook of its neighbours .

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

We have proposed an angle to the one property to minimise impact on the neighbour, it also allows the elevation to face the evening sun. 

The loft conversion shall house the Master Bedroom and En-suite for the properties, with a flat roof extension to maximise the space to the rear as the surrounding houses have done. An additional three conservation roof lights shall be added to the front of the property which shall be fitted flush with the line of the property, to not detract from the line of the roof.


Care has been taken to preserve as well as reinstate the important features, in order to maintain the character of the local area.

The material choice has been chosen from the limited palette of the area, with rendered rear ground floor extension and slate hanging to the second floor bedroom and loft conversion.

The whole is designed to be in keeping with buildings in the vicinity. The combined proposal is very similar to schemes that have been approved and constructed in the past and we feel this is a positive addition to the area.

To read more and find out what we usually submit for a Design & Access Statement click here 

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SEDLESCOMBE Grade II listed rear extension


Asselton House

Asselton House is a Grade II Medieval Hall house, and as such the front Elevation and the main internal features of the house where to be left untouched.  However the owners wished to extend there most used part of the house - the kitchen, to incorporate...

"somewhere to read the Sunday Paper on a rainy day."

The kitchen as existing was to the rear of the house, and no large internal alterations where required, as the house, even though extended organically over the years, has created a well proportioned property steeped in history, with the only problem area being the rather cramped Kitchen. 


The design was completed following a detailed feasibility study and consultation with Local Authority  Conservation Officer. 

With this property it was felt that the extension should reflect the existing house, in style, form and materials, and should look like an extension in the same style as the existing rear of the property.  

A small rear extension was created, utilising the existing gable feature to the rear of the property. This was extended out to form the Breakfast area, largely leaving the existing country style kitchen in tact. 

Asselton House side view of house extension - Using reclaimed bricks and clay roof tiles  

Rear angle view of the property showing setting of extension and main house 

Rear angle view of the property showing setting of extension and main house 

Side view of house extension in garden context 

During the construction phase of the build a coordinated archaeological report and watching brief where undertaken to ensure that no historical finds could be missed, whilst creating the foundations for the extension. 

The reclaimed materials such as the bricks and clay roof tiles, add to the quaint look of the property, with the additional timber casement windows adding to the eclectic mix that adds the charm to the property


A1 Example of Submission for Planning application 

Views of rear of house prior to the extension being completed 

Rear elevation prior to Extension 

Rear angle view of the property 

 Asselton house is steeped in history and this link takes you through to the history of the building 

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SEDLESCOMBE Business Property and rear home extension


The Post Office

Village Post Office  

Sedlescombe Post office, is the only store in the village, and required to remain trading at all times during the alterations to extend the shopping facilities as well as the living accommodation above for this family run store. 

The store had received planning refusals in the past, and MAINWOOD Architects was asked to redesign the store sympathetically through a detailed feasibility study and negotiations with the Local Authority Conservation Officer regarding this Grade II listed building which forms the heart of Sedlescombe Village 

The design increased the living accommodation to the family home. This included making a separate formal entrance; increasing the quality and space to the family dwelling to meet modern family requirements; including a usable staircase to the second floor whilst maintaining the original quaint - though impractical - staircase; increasing the living space to the roof; and re-configuring the space available to be better utilised for the family.  

The shop was also extended considerably, providing separate facilities for the shop that were previously integrated into the house. Family life could carry on without the interruption of the bustle of the busy village store seeping into daily family life. The shop front and facade of the building stayed largely unchanged except for the integration of disabled access.

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BIRMINGHAM Contemporary single storey rear extension


Station Road 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION :  Single storey rear extension and internal remodel of a Victorian Semi detached property 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Single storey rear extension and internal remodel of a Victorian Semi detached property 

As Existing : Victorian Semi detached property

As Existing : Victorian Semi detached property

We were commissioned to enlarge and rationalise the disjointed living accomodation of a Victorian Semi-detached property.

The client loved the large spaces of the exisitng main rooms, though felt they were being let down by the small kitchen and breakfast space to the rear of the house. 

Our client wished to modernise and update the current layout, whilst adding to the space that they currently had.  

As Existing : Prior to construction, (neighbouring properties existing flat roof extension)  

As Existing : Prior to construction, (neighbouring properties existing flat roof extension)  

Concept Design :

Contemporary rear flat roof extension with side concertina doors and full height glazing strip to kitchen area 

Existing Kitchen layout

Existing Kitchen layout

Extended kitchen layout 

Extended kitchen layout 

As Proposed : Victorian Semi detached single storey rear extension and internal reconfiguration

As Proposed : Victorian Semi detached single storey rear extension and internal reconfiguration


The new kitchen/dining/entertaining space enlarges the current wing to the rear of the house, with high level glazing and roof lights which allows light to filter into the deep plan. A full height slot window to the rear of the dining space is a  minimal feature that gives a snap shot externally. The large over head rooflight ensures the space is flooded with light. 

As Proposed angled view of single storey extension to property with roof glazing

Consertina doors with return glazing run from floor to ceiling, making it appear floating above, enhancing the seamless feel from house to garden.  The open plan space is adaptable to changing requirements by dividing the area by furniture and use rather than walls

A mulit-functional Utility and WC is created from what would have been two small rooms.  Appliances and storage are hidden with built in cupboards giving a seamless appearance to the required storage for a more luxurious space.  As the rooms are rarely used and only then for short periods, the dual use has limited impact on functionality. 


The Project is presently under construction and is due to be completed in the next few weeks. 


Project details 

Status: Under construction 
Services: Concept Design, Full Planning Applictaion, Building Regulation
Project Type: Domestic House Extension
Area: 41 sqm
Contract Value: £ undisclosed
Planning Authority: Birmingham City Council 
Considerations: Light, Sustainability, Impact to neighbouring property 

Project Team 

Architect : MAINWOOD architects 
Structural Engineer : Synergy Building Design
Contractor : All Seasons Building

Posted on August 16, 2013 .