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Planning Application Charges

House holder Application charges  

House Extension and alterations 

New Planning application charges come into effect on the 7th of April 2014 

The cost for applying for an extension or alterations to your home or in your site boundary


To discharge planning conditions that came as part of the planning approval, which is usually a requirement prior to construction starting, the charge is made per application rather than per condition 


Applying for a  Lawful Development Certificate gives you documentation to show your proposals comply with Permitted development.  there are three types and the costs have increased on July 31st 2014 

   Existing use in breach of a planning condition £172 (same as planning application)

   Existing Lawful use application not to comply with a particular condition £195

   Proposed use £86 (half fee of planning application)

An application for removal  or variation of a condition following approval of planning conditions


An application to replace an extant / out of date planning permission 


Request to confirm if a planning condition has been approved


Prior approval for a Larger Homes Extension - New permitted development rights which came into force on May 30th 2013, allow for single storey extensions larger than they have been before, but only for a limited time up to May 2016, and neighbouring properties will be consulted. 

three storey extension

The main changes are that a single storey rear extension has increased from 3m to 6m on a semi-detached / attached property and from 4m to 8 m on a detached property  

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