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If you are considering making alterations to your home or property, and wish for advice, contact us on 0121 2466927.


Should you wish to liaise with us and ask questions regarding anything architecture related, such as 

Planning permission,

Permitted development rights,

Re-modling your home,

House Extensions, 

Listed Building applications 


When considering changing your home its best to Ask The Architect and we have outlined some of the reasons why in several documents that you will want to look through

Frequently Asked Questions            

We have answered some of your more frequently asked questions, such as “How much will it cost ? How long will it take?” to make sure you have some understanding of the process,  we have also created a small glossary to explain some of the terms that you may not have come across before, to help you with the process. 

The Project Process 

Here we have explained the various stages that you will go through, from concept design through to hand over of the finished project. We have given a brief description of what will happen along the way, and outlined what you should expect.  We are here to help you through, and will happily explain anything that you are not sure about.  

Get the Brief Right 

Here we have asked some questions of you, so that you will better understand your own wants and desires for your project, so that we may create a design brief.  This is done to crystallise what you want from your project. it sets out key requirements, outlines your aims and aspirations for your home.  We have also outlined the services that we can offer to aid you in this process

Contact us, for a free consultation with the Architect.