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Get the Brief Right




A brief is your wish-list, it will cover everything we need to know about what you want from your project. A well-written design brief is essential to success. It should be clear and unambiguous, setting out key requirements, outlining the vision and communicating your aims and aspirations.

It will describe the main function of the finished project, outline motivation and expectation, design direction, establish a single point of contact and where appropriate set a realistic timeframe and budget.

We can point out what is possible in terms of cost and design, asking you questions and making suggestions. We are well placed to help identify the best and worst spatial characteristics of your home and to offer ideas that will enhance your living space. Your contribution at this stage is vital and will involve a number of discussions which is essential for the success of your project. 

Our FAQ for you

What are you looking to change and why?


How are you looking to use it in the future - i.e. who will use it and for what?


What do you hope to achieve by this project in the short and long term?


Is there a specific approach or philosophy of design that you wish us to follow (e.g. traditional, contemporary, sunlight, sustainability, etc)  


Are there certain materials, fixtures or finishes you favour? 


Design direction - would you like the proposal to be contrasting or in keeping with existing, contemporary or traditional? 


Who will sign off decisions about design, costs and about day-to-day matters on-site?


How do you use the house at present?


Have you visualised how these activities will be accommodated and provided for 


What are your motivations and expectations for the build?


Is the house listed within a Conservation area or does it have any special covenants on the land (e.g. rights of way, easements, tree protection orders etc.) 


Do you have a specific time frame that you require the project to be completed within?


What level of finish do you want for your project? Do you have a budget for the build and furnishings  / fittings of the project?


Timetables and budgets, have you considered when you wish key stages to be completed, how much they should cost, and how they will be financed?


Printable version - Get the brief right